Training & Development

Employment culture has changed radically over the last few years as employees’ expectations of what they want from their employers has risen dramatically. It is likely that it will continue to change and companies must balance such expectations with their organisational needs as they seek to remain competitive in these demanding times.

Identifying and developing the potential of your workforce is significant in maintaining competitive advantage and in attracting and retaining valuable staff (see Talent Management and Succession Planning). With this in mind, encouraging your people to undertake training and development initiatives often has powerful knock-on effects, as individuals:

  • attracting and Recruiting
  • more vigorously pursue their own development
  • more vigorously pursue their own development
  • take ownership of, and responsibility for, their development
  • become constantly receptive to suggestions for change and personal growth because constructive feedback is the norm
  • understand their organisation better, its goals and the constraints it has to manage
  • become open to new ideas
  • become receptive to and seek out change
  • think creatively, innovate
  • copy excellence
  • become excellent

The benefits of bespoke training and development programmes, are generally under-estimated, such programmes being seen as an unnecessary interruption to work and an overhead rather than an investment in the most valuable resource that exists in any organisation – its people. When all staff are trained, coached and supported, then a learning organisation is born and it will endure, simply because its people have an ability, and a desire, to do more and better.

To be successful, learning and development should be aligned with organisational needs and informed by internal processes such as Performance Management; this results in a very powerful, cost-effective and measurable way of improving organisational performance.

Training and Development then not only improves technical performance and skill levels, it also adds texture to the bond between individual employees and the business, infusing the culture of the organisation with strong positive impacts upon morale.

At Benson Payne we work hard to build personal relationships that enable training and development initiatives to be delivered in a learner-centred manner, structured and friendly, fun and professional; initiatives informed by our own considerable experience, but principally with evidence from existing client feedback data, which may include:

We also recognise the importance of delivering development programmes appropriate to the level, experience and ability of individuals and thus offer:

Finally, we encourage organisations, as well as individuals, to pursue development opportunities that address particular needs, such as Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills and Focused Interviewing. For details of our most popular Stand Alone Training Courses please click here

To discuss how TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT can improve knowledge, skills and competencies and impact positively on motivation within your organisation, contact us