Recruitment, Selection & Assessment

It goes without saying that ensuring your organisation has the very best human resources is fundamental to achieving your business goals – achieving results through your people. When it comes to choosing the most suitable candidate for a particular job role, then the potential for getting it wrong becomes much more obvious, particularly if the criteria are only vaguely or partly specified.

The cost of making the wrong decision is very high, increasing markedly with the seniority of the position being filled. This is just as true with internal promotions as it is with external appointments. On top of the obvious financial losses, poor recruitment and selection decisions also affect morale, business performance and bring management’s capabilities into question as well.

Understanding the Recruitment and Selection “lifecycle” allows each stage to be carefully considered (monitored, evaluated and reviewed) and linked to an organisation’s very specific needs; in this way it is more likely that objective, relevant and legally compliant decisions will occur, more consistently, and produce the most suitable person for the role.

At Benson Payne, we feel that Recruitment, Selection & Assessment are amongst the most important business processes that can be undertaken. Consequently we seek always to identify the balance of techniques required at any stage of Recruitment and Selection to provide our clients with a successful outcome.

Recognising that no single tool is infallible, we will use our expertise to identify blended Selection & Assessment methodologies, using agreed criteria (see Competency Frameworks) that will provide relevant data to objectively inform the decisions made.

Our Recruitment, Selection & Assessment Services will help you to smooth the transition from candidate to valued employee. We offer a bespoke approach, with a range of methodologies available to you:

We appreciate that Recruitment continues after the offer letter and to enable new starters to fit in quickly, we can offer both general and customised:

The pressures facing new employees, especially in more senior or specialised roles are significant. It is often worth considering:

  • TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT at this early stage often produces significant benefits too; a personal development plan can be generated for each new employee using the information gained during the Recruitment and Selection processes.

In addition, we have often facilitated in-house personnel to manage their own organisation’s future Recruitment and Selection requirements, with Training and Coaching in these specific skills.

To discuss how our RECRUITMENT, SELECTION & ASSESSMENT services can help you bring quality people into your organisation, contact us