Team Reviews

Team working produces a mutually supportive environment where there is a high standard of output, strong performance and an effective blend of strategic, innovative, technical, operational and interpersonal skills.


The benefits of team working have long been recognised and its importance has increased significantly in business. There are different types of teams:

  • those that carry out the daily activities of the organisation and are relatively enduring – functional (for example the marketing team); middle management (providing constancy and continuity of purpose); executive management (determining strategy and providing organisational leadership)
  • those that exist for a particular purpose, such as a specific project, and are relatively temporary and often cross-functional

All types must achieve the task they are designed to deliver, whilst simultaneously addressing the needs of the team as a whole and of individuals within it. Team Reviews are important health checks that provide invaluable feedback to maintain the benefits of team working for the organisation.


In general, constructive Team Reviews should:

  • Clearly identify the team within its organisational context
  • Clarify and reinforce its objectives and goals
  • Engage with each of the team members to determine individual characteristics
  • Undertake team working event(s) utilising participative methodologies
  • Produce a clear assessment of team strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine clear action points that apply hard and soft measures for team working
  • Build individual and collective confidence and ability to carry out roles needed
  • Augment skills to enhance and develop team working partnerships with key contacts and other stakeholders
  • Produce a team action plan and encourage individual Development planning

Why Choose Benson Payne?

Benson Payne will facilitate Team Reviews (or undertake team development events if appropriate) with you that demonstrate these characteristics and which:

  • Extend individuals’ personal skills and competencies whilst raising awareness among the team of the skills and attributes of each team member
  • Significantly contributes to the development of a highly motivated and productive team
  • Build close working relationships with team members that creates the rapport and flexibility to respond to emerging issues or interests.
  • Further develop collaboration and mutual trust both within the team, and importantly with external partners