Organisational Development

Informed directly by the combination of an organisation’s strategic priorities, its processes and its people, Organisational Development is the result of a continuous dialogue about where the organisation is currently and where it strives to be, with the focus on identifying and constantly narrowing the performance gap between the two. Organisational Development unlocks the potential within your company.


By embedding openness and measurement into the business; identifying and delivering on learning needs, and creating a culture which accepts these, the most successful Organisational Development programmes help to bring about significant change, whilst minimising any resistance.

Such programmes nurture ownership of the change amongst staff and enable specific interventions within critical areas of existing operational structures, systems and functions. This in turn, creates the leverage and momentum required to bring about lasting and continuous development.

Organisational Development is amongst the most complex but rewarding people focused activities any business will pursue. It requires strong commitment and a multi-faceted approach drawing from occupational psychology, HR, training and consultancy. Detached objectivity is fundamental to the success of Organisational Development which is why many organisations undertake such programmes with external help.


An effective Organisational Development Programme should:

  • Contribute powerfully to the strengthening of your organisation as an integrated whole
  • Support and follow the strategy of your organisation, identifying a best-fit for your external environment
  • Ensure organisation and management of your human resources for optimum performance
  • Positively reinforce and develop the culture of your organisation
  • Nurture employee ownership of initiatives undertaken, maximising their contribution to the performance of your organisation and reducing resistance to future changes
  • Celebrate operational variety, co-ordinating the cross-functional areas throughout the organisation to identify, integrate and address all development areas

Why Choose Benson Payne?

Benson Payne will work with you to identify and unlock the potential of your organisation, delivering a programme that will demonstrate these characteristics and which:

  • Deliver a sustainable intervention, transferring skills and levering organisational strengths
  • Provide a tailored approach to suit your needs, not a pre-packaged solution that you have to bend around
  • Generate a ‘feel good factor’ about Development initiatives within your organisation
  • Support you throughout with an expert cross-disciplinary team

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