Organisation Design

An organisation’s design is the foundation upon which its internal working relationships are built.


The most familiar elements of Organisation Design are those found within an ‘organisational chart’ such as spans of control and hierarchy of responsibility. These features are also particularly useful for demonstrating and achieving good governance, as they make lines of accountability clear. In addition, the best organisational designs also encourage and enable cross-functional working, remove process clashes or ‘sticking points’, free up the flow of decision making and support a healthy organisational culture.

Many organisations do not realise their full potential because they ‘make do’ or just tweak their existing Organisation Design, rather than fully address emergent business requirements. Over time, staff are then called upon to use their talents to work around the structures and systems in place, rather than having their abilities supported and reinforced by them. A well-crafted Organisation Design that is fit for purpose is therefore crucial in ensuring that a business has the capacity to get the most out of its resources and to continue to follow its strategic direction in the face of change and environmental uncertainty.


An effectively planned and executed Organisation Design should:

  • Support the strategy of your organisation, allowing the deployment and manoeuvring of your resources for optimum performance
  • Establish and reflect the culture of your organisation positively, supporting its values and beliefs
  • Help to build the organisational capacity required to operate effectively in uncertain business environments
  • Prevent clashes between different processes and alleviate any ‘bottle necks’ or sticking points in the flow of work and information
  • Provide the freedom for staff to fully utilise their talents within the workplace
  • Encourage and promote the flow of information to allow for informed decision making>

Why Choose Benson Payne?

Benson Payne will work with you to review your existing Organisation Design and help you to develop and maintain it so that it will demonstrate these characteristics and which:

  • Allow you to determine and reinforce the internal working relationships which are important to your organisation
  • Provide transparency for your staff in their understanding of how their organisation works
  • Be seen as an enabler to good staff performance, not an obstacle to work
  • Reinforce good governance

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