Human Resources Strategy

An effective HR Strategy drives an organisation towards achieving its overall goals, with its people being the catalyst for success. It strengthens the business by co-ordinating and developing the people focused elements throughout the organisation, so that the business:

  • is sufficiently robust to embrace change
  • remains competitive in dynamic markets, and
  • retains and develops its own specific organisational culture

An organisation’s people are unique; they are a reservoir of intellectual capital waiting to be channelled by strategic direction into a co-ordinated delivery of superior performance.

HR Strategy underpins the business strategy by helping to unlock the talents of the workforce, getting the most out of the organisation’s human resources at all levels. An effective HR strategy will develop and organise your people, their knowledge and their ways of working within interlinking processes; building capacity to effectively deliver on organisational priorities. This is distinct from HR Management, which deals with the operational day-to-day elements of employing and managing people.

At Benson Payne, we see HR Strategy as a crucial part of an organisation’s integrity at behavioural, system and process level. It is central to fully deploying the human talents of your organisation whilst also nurturing a best fit organisational culture.

Defining an HR Strategy entails similar strategic research and analysis to that needed to determine strategic direction for the entire business. In this respect, it can be very helpful to understand “where we are now”, one approach is to undertake:

Key areas within HR Strategy that are proven to help develop organisational capacity and deliver measurable business wide benefits include:

Key components in preparing for your organisation’s long term success are:

Benson Payne’s approach to HR Strategy programmes of work is carefully designed with a holistic approach in mind, combining with other of our HR Consultancy Services such as Leadership Development; Vision and Values; Consultation and Communication. More importantly, whatever your choice we will ensure it sits easily alongside your existing strategic priorities and initiatives.

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