Performance Management

The performance produced by an organisation as a whole is determined largely by the sum of the contributions of every employee.


It is also affected by the systems, resources, culture and environment which both enable and constrain outcomes.

The overall goal sought by companies is performance improvement – a long-term and never-ending activity of advancement. To achieve this requires:

  A focus on the future
  A strategy for getting there
  A shared understanding of this strategy
  The translation and cascading out of the strategy into departmental, team, individual goals
  The development of people who are expected to deliver the strategy
  The provision of appropriate resources

Managing individual performance is no different, with the addition of ensuring that the individual employee understands how their specific contribution adds to the organisation’s achievement of its goals.


In general, a Performance Management process that produces superior outcomes will:

  • Focus all effort to achieve the Vision, by setting objectives that are SMART, challenging and mutually agreed
  • Align behaviour to the Values and thus help to embed the Competencies needed by the business to achieve its goals
  • Formalise ‘quality time’ for staff with their line managers to encourage discussion about work, expectations, careers, aspirations
  • Develop constructive and open relationships between staff and their line managers
  • Encourage a culture whereby constructive feedback, Coaching and personal development is the norm
  • Deal with underperformance at the earliest stage possible in order to provide support for the individual through the necessary changes for improvement
  • Provide line managers with the skills and confidence to manage performance
  • Increase staff motivation and commitment

Why Choose Benson Payne?

Benson Payne will work with you to establish and communicate a Performance Management process (or refresh existing procedures) that demonstrates these characteristics and which:

  • Helps to align individual expectations with the realities of organisational needs
  • Introduces the cycle of objective setting, monitoring and reviewing performance, planning for better performance
  • Encourages everyone to take responsibility for their own performance and Development
  • Provides transparency for your staff in their understanding of what the organisation expects of them (see HR Policies)

To gain more information or discuss how our HR PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SERVICES can help you create a positive organisational culture, contact us