HR Policies

HR Policies help to shape the culture of organisations by defining and reinforcing their values, beliefs and philosophies. Well designed HR Policies create and maintain a working environment that allows an organisation to get the very best from its people.


HR Policies define “the way we do things round here”, enabling staff to understand how to convert the Values defined by the organisation into everyday work behaviours. This makes empowerment, delegation and personal development much easier to achieve, allowing the organisation to more efficiently focus its human resource potential on maximising business performance.

It is from HR Policies that managers derive the principles for dealing with all matters relating to their staff – and ones that they are expected to demonstrate themselves. They can use their policies to provide the frameworks for making consistent and equitable decisions.

HR Policies are therefore, a powerful component alongside the psychological contract between employer and employee, producing significant levels of organisational commitment, motivation, satisfaction and well-being in staff.


The activities which flow from HRM processes are:

In general, HR Policies should:

  • Reflect the culture of your organisation positively, supporting its values and beliefs
  • Be fully compliant, reflecting not only current legislative requirements but also good working practice
  • Describe how every member of staff is to be treated in particular situations
  • Be seen to be realistic, achievable, relevant and of use to every member of staff
  • Form the foundation for the whole of the employer and employee relationship
  • Be user-friendly, readily accessible to all and consistently implemented across every department and at every level

Why Choose Benson Payne?

Benson Payne will work with you to produce HR Policies that demonstrate these characteristics and:

  • Allow you to determine and reinforce the behaviours which are important to your organisation
  • Encourage the positive and proactive management of your people
  • Provide transparency for your staff in their understanding of what the organisation requires of them
  • Are seen as enablers to good staff performance not obstacles to work

To gain more information or discuss how our HR POLICY REVIEW PROCESS can help you create a positive organisational culture, contact us