Vision & Values

Why Vision and Values?

Employees perform well and get job satisfaction when they:

  • Understand their goals
  • Behave in a way that enables these goals to be achieved
  • Feel valued and involved in what is happening
  • Have unity of purpose and direction


As well as managing and delivering performance, it is important to consider the manner in which we achieve our goals. Most organisations want to reflect the way they do things with and for their stakeholders, particularly in the light of today’s emphasis on corporate social responsibility and ethical policies.

Effective organisations identify and develop a clear, concise and shared meaning of values or beliefs, priorities, and direction so that everyone understands what is needed and can contribute to the outputs of the organisation. Developing Vision and Values is the foundation for long term success.

Your VISION describes what you want to: Your SHARED VALUES are:
  Be . . .   Beliefs about what is important to your organisation
  Aspire to . . .   Things which differentiate you from your competitors
  Achieve . . .   “The glue” that holds your organisation together
  The key elements that ensure you achieve your Vision


In general, creating and embedding Vision and Values includes:

  • Developing a framework of words that reflects the feelings of the organisation
  • Consulting with, and listening to, all stakeholders so that they feel represented, involved and committed to the outcomes
  • Launching them in a memorable manner
  • Embedding them into business processes and everyday behaviours
  • Raising and maintaining awareness of standards

Why Choose Benson Payne?

Benson Payne will work with you to create and support your Vision and Values and:

  • Advise on how they can underpin other business processes (Recruitment and SelectionTraining and DevelopmentSuccession Planning for example)
  • Generate discussion in teams as to how the Values can be demonstrated in the workplace
  • Recommend how rewards and recognition within your organisation can be structured to recognise those people whose work embodies your Values
  • Using a variety of methodologies, help embed them across the whole of your organisation

To gain more information or discuss how developing VISION AND VALUES will benefit your organisation, contact us