Staff Surveys

Winning over employees’ hearts and minds is a vital process for any organisation. Commitment, loyalty, dedication, motivation, “going the extra mile” all become second nature to people who are positively engaged at work.


One of the difficulties in achieving this is that very often, employers and employees see things differently, so what is viewed by employers as important is not necessarily the same for employees.

This mismatch in perceptions can result in disaffected workers or a lack of engagement, which is manifested in a variety of ways – higher sickness levels, frequent unauthorised absences, missed deadlines, mistakes, poor performance, grievances and disciplinaries. The list is as depressing as it is long.

The simple answer is to find out what your employees are thinking and address the issues that present themselves. With the advent of on-line surveys, putting this into practice is neither as difficult nor as time-consuming as it was when relying on a paper-based approach.


In general, carrying out an effective Staff Survey should involve:

  • Having a clearly identified and explicit purpose
  • Being seen as a positive and genuine approach by management to learn about matters that concern employees
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and anonymity for participants
  • Using the most appropriate methodology
  • Publishing the findings, both positive and negative, in an objective and emotion- free manner, making them freely available to everyone who took part
  • Demonstrating that employees’ opinions are valued and respected
  • Identifying and prioritising actions that will be undertaken
  • Being honest about anything that cannot or will not be changed, with reasons
  • Providing the business with direct information on their organisational strengths and weaknesses, as seen by their employees
  • Becoming a regular occurrence in the business

Why Choose Benson Payne?

Benson Payne will work with you to design and deliver, or support the delivery of, a staff survey that demonstrates these characteristics and which:

  • Blends the most effective mix of survey methodologies for your business
  • Indicates the appropriateness of undertaking surveys with other stakeholder groups
  • Provides you with the level of support necessary – from any of the individual steps within the survey to completely outsourcing the survey to us
  • Makes recommendations and prioritises actions for future initiatives