Coaching & Mentoring

Employees are now encouraged to take much more responsibility for their own careers, their learning and their development. For some individuals this is a daunting task, particularly if they feel they have no-one to help them. However Coaching and Mentoring relationships provide positive and supporting processes that enable all members of the organisation to progress with confidence.


Whilst Coaching and Mentoring are similar, there are some differences. In a nutshell, the focus of coaching is to facilitate learning and development so that an individual’s performance will improve. Mentoring has a much wider remit, and seeks to provide a person with wisdom, insight and opportunities not usually available to them at the stage they are in their career. Both processes are increasingly being recognised as very powerful and cost-effective ways of helping individuals to learn and develop.

When these processes take place in the working environment, the “return on investment” is considerable – everyone benefits. By encouraging people to assume control of their own self-development activities and career progression, and with the focus very much on what the organisation needs, an organisation becomes more flexible and responsive to the needs of its market. Critically though, the individuals within the organisation also become more flexible and responsive and feel confident in their abilities. The value of Coaching and Mentoring has tangible positive outcomes, and is increasingly being seen by potential employees as a highly attractive feature.


In general, Coaching and Mentoring should:

  • Support organisational and employee development
  • Focus on appropriate outcomes – such as performance enhancement, skills development, personal learning and growth
  • Actively involve all participants at every stage of the process
  • Encourage self-awareness, reflection and feedback
  • Stimulate individuals into taking action
  • Accelerate progress for the organisation
  • Be structured processes, though adapted to suit each individual
  • Create opportunities for individual learning
  • Provide individuals with the tools and techniques to move ahead confidently

Why Choose Benson Payne?

Benson Payne will work with you to provide the appropriate level and focus of Coaching or Mentoring that demonstrate these characteristics and which:

  • Helps your staff to manage their own development
  • Encourages effective and improved performance
  • Contributes to better working relationships
  • Offers individuals a positive, confident and encouraging way forward that enhances their quality of life