BPL International


As part of multi national company assignments or on public programmes, we carry out many assignments around the world. Here are a few examples of what we have done:

Beirut and Lebanon

We have visited 10 times over the last 15 years, first after the civil war in 1995. As part of a programme of economic regeneration organised by our partner Mr Constantine Dumani Managing Director of MAVENS (Management and Venture Synergy), we delivered 3 public courses on HR Strategy and Business Development planning and Professional Selling Skills.

We have also presented a series of General Management Programmes on a daily and residential basis for:

  • Libancel (Mobile Telecommunications Company)
  • Bankers Assurance (Financial Services) specialising in Banking and Insurance products.
  • Cimenterie Nationale (Major company in the Middle East) specialising in the production of Cement based products.
  • Sodamco (Major company supplying construction products throughout the Middle East)


Another Management Development Programme for Indevco, (a major company in the Middle East specialising in paper manufacturing).

Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Speaking on Conferences on international conferences is one of our specialities, mostly on Talent Management Issues, particularly the 3 R’s of Recruiting, Retaining and Rewarding employees effectively.


For American Express Bank, we have used our Assessment Centre methods to examine the strengths and development area of staff. This project won their internal quality Gold award for the project of the year.


Following the break-up of the Soviet Union we assisted BP the world’s major petroleum companies as part of a consortium under the banner of AIOC in Baku, employed in the extraction of oil in the Caspian Sea. We developed both the ex pat and national workforce in western business skills. Topics included Leadership, Coaching, Negotiating, Problem Solving and Finance.

Norway, Belgium, Moscow, Prague

Having been retained by ConocoPhillips to deal with their training and development programmes, we have visited many of their sites across the UK and abroad, facilitating external affairs meetings, rolling out systems and delivering training modules.

Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan

Through the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), we were contracted to carry out a project for Philips, to further develop the quality of some HR practices within their HR function. This involved visiting around 20 of their senior staff to examine current practices and to run training modules based on the popular them of ‘Fitting a Turbo-charger to the HR Function.)


Paris, Geneva
On behalf of the EC (European Commission 5th Directorate) we delivered a multi-lingual programme at the Chamber of Commerce in Paris for cross border labour transition in line with EC legislation.


We have worked for two Irish companies (parented by Induchem, a company specialising in the supply of hydraulic and mechanical valves and plastic pipe-work) in Cork and Dublin. These projects involved our expertise in the assessment of competence of their personnel and review of organisation structure.